What exactly is Shungite?

Discovered over 2 billion years ago, Shungite has been said to be one of the most powerful healing stones on the planet. For centuries this mineral has been used for means of detoxification, grounding and protection. Known to Russia as the “stone of life”, Shungite is most commonly used as an elixir, as it’s antibacterial properties rid water from impurities.

While there has been a strong focus on wellness of the mind, body and spirit in recent years, we are exposed to access amounts of electromagnetic radiation, stress and negative energies. Capturing the pure high vibrational presence and protection properties, Wahe Wear’s crystal infused t-shirts offer ancient technologies to the modern world.

Founded with a strong sense of mindfulness, Wahe Wear prides itself on working for the betterment of community through education and high vibrational human connection.

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