Guru Gaitri black shungite long sleeve print


100% white cotton black front print Guru Gaitri Long sleeved t-shirt. Wahe Wear’s Shungite infused black ink. The Guru Gaitri mantra is from the Jaap Sahib, written by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru. The mantra is translated to English from Gurmukhi, an ancient Indian language. Vibe high and break through walls with this powerful kundalini yoga mantra tee. Sat Nam Ji!



This Mantra is the Mantra for the Aquarius Age. It eliminates karmic blocks and past errors, balances brain hemispheres, purifies the magnetic field, and brings compassion and patience.

The Eight Facets of God

Gobinday – Sustainer

Mukunday – Liberating

Udaray – Enlightening

Aparay – Infine

Hariang – Destroying

Kariang – Creating

Nirnamay – Without name

Akamay  – Without desire

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