Ancient Technology

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Wahe Wear (Wah Hey) – expansion, awe, ecstasy


Capturing pure high vibrational presence and protection properties, Wahe Wear’s crystal infused t-shirts offer ancient technologies to the modern world.


Inspired by Kundalini Yoga and founded with a strong sense of mindfulness, Wahe Wear prides itself on working for the betterment of community through education and high vibrational human connection.


“This science is five thousand years old. When there was no religion this was the religion. People understood that man has life, life has energy, they knew there was APANA (outgoing energy) and PRANA ( incoming energy) the balance of these 2 energies makes a person successful or a failure…if a human doesn’t have balance within himself – human is a problem within himself.” – Yogi Bhajan ’91

Ancient Technology or Energy has set a spiritual foundation for our ancestors. At its core, Ancient Technology is a frequency of sound, vibration, and light. It was and will always be apart of our lives. Wahe Wear clothing is inspired to remind people of the power in the awareness of self and how our ancient technology still has its place in the modern world.


The circumvent force has a current like a light, which goes through your whole body in an oval shape. Your vibration—whatever you say, create, think—is what we call a protective shield or circumvent force. When that becomes weak in a man, he is trapped by negative forces.” – Yogi Bhajan